Surgeons and Manufacturers have been working on percutaneous surgery for twenty years. Miret is the first to crack the code.

A scalable platform to attach any standard MIS end effector to a percutaneous shaft

The technology allows surgeons to maintain operative approach and procedure speed while providing a cost neutral solution for the facility.

Competitive Advantages

Platform Percutaneous Technology

Miret’s technology can be applied to percutaneous shafts as small as 2.4mm in diameter and tool heads as large as 15mm in diameter.

Miret’s locking mechanism provides a continuous steel drive shaft once assembled, providing superior jaw power and zero lag.

Miret’s tools function just like standard tools once assembled.

Simple to Learn, Easy to Use

University of Chicago and University of New Mexico presented independent research on Miret at SAGES 2015.

Studies demonstrated time parity between Miret and standard 5mm tools in an FLS environment.

Novice surgeons involved in the studies were able to assemble and disassemble the tools in seconds after minimal training.
Our progress has been made possible by early funding & support from